Fanchi Art

Francisco Moya (1971) was born in Huelva, Andalusia.

When Fanchi was a young boy he was already making drawings. It´s in his genes, his grandmother was an artist too and his brother is a sculptor. He graduated at the Artes y Oficios Escuela León in Huelva. In 2006 he moved to Alicante. 

Santa Bar Bara by Fanchi
Ora Llueve, Ora Sunshine by Fanchi

Above (1): Collage “Santa Bar Bara”

Above (2 + 3): Acrylic paint on canvas, serie “Ora Llueve, Ora Sunshine” 

Below: Acrylic paint and charcoal on canvas “Alejandro”

In 2006 Fanchi met Alberto in Granada, when he was living in Malaga. They started living together in Alicante and married in 2013. Fanchi started working as interior designer and had his painting studio for his larger works  in El Campello. 

He makes landscapes, abstract and nudes with pencil, ink or acrylic paint on paper or canvas.

Fanchi had expositions in El Corte Ingles, Affordable Art Fair in Amsterdam and in the Aula de Cultura of El Campello. 

I saw Fanchi´s work the first time in Restaurant La Favorita, where he had an exposition called “Neptunos” with beautiful diverse men with fish tails in a surrounding of sea plants, shells, octopuses and beautiful fishes. 


Above (1): Serie “Neptunos”

Above (2): Serie “Estudio Desnudos”


You can contact Fanchi through a private message on his social media accounts: Facebook: Fanchiart & Instagram: fanchiart

Under: the  pin point of the area he lives:

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