Esperanza d´Ors


“El regreso de Icaro con su ala de surf” (The return of Icarus with his surf wing) by artist Esperanza d´Ors which has been in the port of Alicante since 1999.

Esperanza d´Ors is a sculptor, born in Madrid in 1949.

After studying Hispanic Literature she wrote for magazines like Marie Claire, Rialp and Sarpe.  For the magazine La Actualidad Española she wrote  art reviews. In 1981 she attended a sculpture workshop, given by her brother Alfonso d´Ors and after these classes she dedicated herself only to artistic activity. 

In 1991 she got inspired by the myth of Icarus and she made a whole serie of sculptures. The material she normally uses is brass, but for this serie she also added steel, metallic cloth and color. 

“El regreso de Icaro con su ala de surf” is located at the port of Alicante, close to the tourist office and the trendy bar Soho Mar.

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